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The doll artist Miho and clothing designer Kisakino from Japan are great supporters of the band Decadence and its lead vocalist Metallic Kitty.

The inspiration by Metallic Kitty lead them to create a doll after her. The doll symbolizes the dedication of the artists to Metallic Kitty and also to the band Decadence.

This site is created on the basis of Miho's and Kisakino's wishes.

Miho and Kisakino are making this handmade doll in a limited quantity and there will only be a small number of dolls produced per year.

Each doll has its own:
Unique number, Certificate of Authenticity - signed by Metallic Kitty in person and clothing, jewellery and accessories that are replicas of Metallic Kitty's real clothing in a smaller scale.

By this site, the band Decadence and Metallic Kitty are giving their full support and gratefulness to Miho and Kisakino as the official creators of the Metallic Kitty doll.